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August 04


More reasons now than ever to take a bite of the Apple

Perhaps you have seen Apple Computer's advertisements enticing users of Windows-based PC's to switch to the Macintosh platform. Apple has, for the first time, started aggressively going after the other 95% of the market place that doesn't use their computers. Apple gives ten reasons to switch to a Mac.

  1. The Mac just works. When you initially set up your Macintosh computer, you can be on the Internet in fifteen minutes or less. Since the same company makes the operating system and the hardware, they work together very tightly. You don't experience the finger pointing between Microsoft and the PC manufacturer when something doesn't work. Windows promises Òplug-and-play,Ó the Macintosh has delivered for more than a decade.
  2. It doesn't crash. Apple's new Unix-based operating system, Mac OS X, is incredibly stable. It is founded on the same proven technology that runs many of the Internet servers and mission-critical computer systems used by Fortune 500 companies, governments and universities.
  3. Simply the best in digital music. Apple's free iTunes software runs only on the Mac platform. It is easy to use. You can create digital audio files from your CD's, make your own custom playlists and burn your own CD's. It also works seamlessly with Apple's cool iPod portable digital music player.
  4. The missing link in digital photography. Apple also includes iPhoto with every Mac. iPhoto lets you organize and share your digital photographs painlessly. It works easily and automatically when you plug your digital camera into the Mac.
  5. Your own digital entertainment center. Apple sees the Macintosh computer as the hub of your digital lifestyle. Applications like iMovie and iDVD let you edit your home videos and share them on DVD's that will play in standard home DVD players. iMovie has turned kids everywhere into budding Spielbergs.
  6. Goes everywhere you go. Apple's mobile Macs are a joy to work with. The Titanium G4 PowerBook is both beautiful and as powerful as a desktop computer. The iBook is inexpensive and rugged. Neither skimps on the ports and functionality you want in a modern computer.
  7. It's built for the Internet. Along with the aforementioned easy Internet setup, you will find the familiar Internet tools you are used to. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and America Online are all here. Apple includes a great email program, Mail, but plenty of others are available. Like to chat? You can use AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. Apple's next iteration of Mac OS X (version 10.2 or Jaguar) includes their own chat client, iChat, which is compatible with AOL's.
  8. Office is Office, and then some. Microsoft Office vX gives you applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint all running natively in OS X, They are completely compatible with their Windows counterparts. There are over 3000 applications available for Mac OS X including games, CAD, databases and finance programs.
  9. Works effortlessly with PC's. Macs are good citizens on PC networks and can share wireless networks or Internet connections. They can also read PC-formatted media.
  10. It's beautiful. Apple continually wins awards for their product design. If you are going to send hours looking at a machine every day, shouldn't it be attractive?

Apple and CompUSA have teamed-up to help take the mystery out of switching platforms. If you have questions, head down to CompUSA August 11th or 18th for Demo Days. You just might find yourself convinced.

Paul Vaughn is a freelance writer, graphic artist and web designer. Have a Mac-related question?

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